Torres Ibarzo Estudio


Professionalizing obsessions is something complicated, we are all fans of something, we have our weaknesses, but making that something real, transforming that imaginary into something tangible, material, that is something else. Torres Ibarzo have done it, they have been able to elaborate her own language, a way of expression that combines her great fetish beyond the obvious: hair.

In their photography they celebrate the joy of “where there is hair there is” … and the thing is much more original than it seems, because they do not focus only on male hair, on hairy men, on beards and mustaches, that is a part of his work, the one that approaches the natural portrait, the classic nude with the touch of light and the attitude today. With the idea that each one is beautiful in a singular and unique way, beyond perfect bodies and skins that do not exist. This work runs parallel to the celebration of artificial hair, the false beard, in a curious pop game that creates with well-known characters a bearded reality never seen, hybrid, strange but always nice.